Meet the team

Registered Manager: Jean Reeves-Yates

I was given the opportunity to lead the dynamic, forward thinking and compassionate team of Southdowns in April 2018, so welcome to our website. I first came into care at the mere age of 18yrs old, qualifying as a Mental Health Nurse in 1994. Since this time I have branched into many different areas, including managing community health and social care teams and mental health hospitals, specialising in Safeguarding and becoming an approved mental health professional.

Along this journey I continued my education (as I strongly believe this to be paramount for any professional to ensure the support they direct and deliver is person focussed and evidence based) and attained an MSc in Mental Health and Social Work, along with an MSc certificate in Managing Health and Social Care.

I took a break from regular practice some years ago, instead stepping into providing consultation and training to both the NHS and private sector. Within this I supported services with identifying and developing areas of required improvement, implementing person focussed practice with the aim of transforming homes that not only provide care, but enable people to live life.

Trusting others with the welfare of a loved one is a scary and difficult decision to make, especially if that loved one struggles with expressing their own needs and preferences. I too travelled that emotional pathway, as I supported my mother in her journey through life, accompanied with vascular dementia. I am a strong advocate of celebrating uniqueness and enabling people to live life with a sense of purpose, accomplishment and enjoyment, regardless of disadvantages. I have learnt so much from the people I have supported over the years with key statements sticking in my mind - 'I am old, not useless' and 'just because I don't know what you are saying doesn't mean I can't feel the way you are saying it' - and it is this which drives me to ensure the team I lead, understand that the only difference between the staff and the residents at Southdowns, is the level of support they require.

Operations Manager: Kate Jenner

I have worked for Paydens Nursing Homes for over two and a half years now, initially as the registered manager for Betsy Clara, and now also as Operations Manager for the group. I enjoy working for the small, family owned, group, as family is at the centre of all that we do. We work hard to maintain contact with our residents' families, and also to promote a sense of family within the home. Getting to know each resident as an individual, finding that little 'spark' within them, is what makes our work so rewarding. We endeavour to ensure that each resident is able to engage with staff and others, in whatever way is meaningful for them, through provision of individualised and person centred care.

I have been a nurse for over 30 years now, gaining experience in a variety of settings, the past 10 years have been in care homes. I enjoy the long term care settings, as it gives us time to get to know our residents and their families, and being able to make a difference, however small, means a job well done.

Dementia is a key topic in health and social care at present. We will continue to explore new ways of providing improved care to all who use our services, and welcome feedback and new ideas along the way.